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Each month we offer a free wine recipe, and in the month of May, we are providing a recipe for Dandelion Wine. To get this free recipe, just add it to the shopping cart and go through to the checkout. If you are new to wine making, you may want to have a look at our free equipment list, so why not add that too!


Orange Wine


This Orange Wine is one of the popular wines of the year. It uses  Jaffa or small Oranges, White Grape Concentrate, Sugar and Yeast. A simple recipe with a very pleasurable result.

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Dandelion Wine


Did you know that you can make wine from Dandelion? Made with Dandelion Flowers, Sugar, White Grape Concentrate and Yeast. One of the 3 most requested recipes every year. Why not give it a try.

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Elderflower Wine


You've tried Elderflower Wine?  but have you made any yourself? You will need Elderflowers, Sugar, White Grape Concentrate and Yeast, and be more than pleasantly surprised with the flavourful result.

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Free Equipment

Equipment List


... and here is what we feel you need as basic equipment.

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When you have added this months FREE recipe, why not take a look at the other recipes that we have to offer. There is no obligation to purchase, but you may find something you like.

Next month our FREE recipe is going to be Elderflower Wine, and you are welcome to come back to our site to get it.