A most comprehensive guide to wine making at home.A most comprehensive guide to wine making at home.A most comprehensive guide to wine making at home.A most comprehensive guide to wine making at home.A most comprehensive guide to wine making at home.A most comprehensive guide to wine making at home.A most comprehensive guide to wine making at home.

From Reds, To Whites, without the Blues

Making your own wine is simple, and this book will show you how. Packed with recipes, we feel our approach is the best available.

Want to know how to make inexpensive wine from the fruit and flowers in your garden ?

Making wine at home can produce great results, and what you make can be comparable to what you might  purchase. We tell you how to make wine that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

John and Steve have been making wine for years and now put their experience into an easy to follow book "From Reds to Whites without the Blues". Whether an expert or a beginner this book takes you through each process in an easy to follow way.

It contains all you need to know to become a 'wine maker', and if you get stuck - we'll help you with some friendly email advice from our Wine Making Help Site.

This step by step process makes sure that you get the best results every time. No trial and error in this book, just simple steps to an end result to be proud of.

The e-book contains recipes for the following

Apple Banana Blackberry  
Carrot Damson Dandelion  
Peach Rice Celery  
Dried Fruit Plum Date  
Elderberry Ginger Gooseberry  
Grape Kiwi Strawberry  
Melon Orange Elderflower  
Plus an additional 80 recipes




This is probably the best Wine Making E-Book available today.
We'd like to give you
10 valid reasons why.



1. Unlike other books, all the recipes have been made, tested and crafted to enable you to get  the easiest and best results. We wanted our recipes to be appreciated which is why we have done the hard work for you.

2. All the recipes contained within the book are in a simple step-by-step format.
3. All the ingredients required are listed before you begin, removing any chance of running out of something during the making of your wine.
4. We specify the correct quantities of ingredients and additives so that you do not have to go through any trials with differing amounts. The types of yeasts are also clearly stated.
5. The recipes in the  book allow you to continue making wine all the way through the year, even when the fruit growing season has ended.
6. There are 101 wines that you can make from this book, and at the price we are asking, that's less than 12p a recipe.
7. This book can be yours in just 2 minutes, downloaded to your PC to start using immediately. No postal delays or additional charges.
8. Whether you use imperial or metric, our conversion chart is there to give the correct quantities.
9. We show you the basic equipment that you need to use. It's all in the book.
10. No need to worry about any problems you may have. We Are Here To Help. If you are stuck, just send us an email and we will respond with a friendly and easy to follow reply, as we have been doing for all our purchasers.

We do not know of any After Sales Service that is available when purchasing other books.




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Unlike other sites, we are not looking to tie you into a monthly subscription for this book. This book "From Reds to Whites without the Blues" comes at a one-off price. PLUS we offer access to our sister site and its FREE Winemaking help service to all purchasers, should you need any assistance.

What Does It Cost Again?


To try to put a monetary value on assistance is impossible, and yet that is what we are offering. We will give assistance, if it is needed Absolutely Free.

Just think, 101 recipes plus for only ...  11.87


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You will have your e-book in less than 2 minutes once you have placed your order. PayPal is a secure site and once your details have been taken you will be redirected to our download page. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our E-Book and our help service.

Some of the recipes included within the book are Carrot Whiskey, Dandelion Wine, Damson Gin, Elderflower Champagne, Red and White Wine from Grapes, Rowanberry Wine, Pear Wine etc.

There has, surely, never been a better time to make your own.

The Info Co - Rowanberry, Pea Pod, Carrot Whiskey, Mixed Dried Fruit, Strawberry, Apple (5 Gallons). Recently Made Wine

Back Row 1. Rowanberry
Back Row 2. Pea Pod
Back Row 3.
Carrot Whiskey
Front Row 1. Mixed Dried Fruit
Front Row 2. Strawberry

Apple (5 Gallons)




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