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Each month we offer a free wine recipe, and in the month of September, we are providing a recipe for Elderberry Wine. To get this free recipe, just add it to the shopping cart and go through to the checkout. If you are new to wine making, you may want to have a look at our free equipment list, so why not add that too!


Plum Wine


With Plums, White Grape Concentrate, Sugar and Wine Yeast, you can make this nice wine yourself. If you have your own trees or just buy them, at this time of year there is a plentiful supply, red, yellow orĀ  green, all waiting to be picked.

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Elderberry Wine


This was once called the 'English Grape'. Whether you have them in your garden, or you pick them from the road side hedges, Elderberries, Sugar and Yeast make a lovely dark red wine, especially when long time matured.

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Apple Wine


Who'd have thought that this most modest fruit could have so many uses. Apples, Sugar, White Grape Concentrate and Yeast can produce a light white wine.

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Free Equipment

Equipment List


... and here is what we feel you need as basic equipment.

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